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I think that, now is the time to express my opinion on some things that
have happened recently.
Starting, I would like to say that I remain imprisoned for 33 months
without being sentenced by any court yet. This is, according to their
laws, illegal, abusive, against the rules… As it is now known, the
highest limit of pre-trial detention is 18 months.

But, by deploying this new strategy of new custodies, which started
against our organization and specifically against comrade Haris
Hadjimihelakis, the highest limit of pre-trial detention was raised,
every time one of us was about to reach it, from 18 to 30 months. The
exact same thing happened to me and comrades Giorgos Polydoros and Olga
Ekonomidou, whose 30 months pre-trial detention is coming to an end,
this September. This has never been applied on an anarchist organization
in Greece ever before.

Since April of 2013, using the excuse that I am "dangerous", as I am a
member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, they extended my detention
for another 6 months, raising the limit to 36 months (3 years).
Judging things from their side, they did well. If they made the
"mistake" of releasing any member of the CCF, that member would have
used their freedom to continue the anarchist action, without giving a
shit about the restricting orders of their release.
But because they weren't sure if the court would manage to complete its
procedure in the given timeline, they went a step further. On the 22th
of May in 2013, I was charged with new accusations. The reason was that,
as in May 2012 there was a chance that I was going to be released after
my 18 month detention, I had given some of my photos to certain people
to make some fake identities so that I could go underground the moment I
was released.

These people, either from impotence or indifference, although I was not
released nor did we have comradely or friendly relationships any more,
saw fit to keep the fake identities for about a year in a house they
were using. When they were later arrested for a robbery and as they
hadn't gotten rid of them, they were found by the bastards of the
Anti-Terrorist force. The result was me being charged with inciting
"terrorist acts" and accused of having participated in the armed robbery
in Velvento, in Kozani.

So now I am in a situation that has never happened in Greece before.
Although I am captured since November 2010, i will remain in custody
until December of 2014. Which means, four years in prison as a
respondent and in other words the experimental implementation of
indefinite detention when it comes to cases concerning anarchist direct
action. And there are more detentions on the way…

Obviously, the incompetence and the lack of experience of the people who
held the identities, is not the reason why I am in this situation. Me
believing that, would seem foolish and short-sighted. If there were no
identities, they would have "discovered" something else. I just thought
that it is important to refer to these facts so that other comrades are
informed in order to be even more careful with the evidence left behind.
Against us, as an organization and as an anarchist tension, they use and
will use every weapon there is available in their legal "arsenal", so
that we never get out of here, following a legal path. We know that and
we are going to move accordingly. We have never respected their "legal
culture" and we are not going to start doing so now.
Unfortunately apart from us, who are members of the Conspiracy, they
will try the same thing with other people too. We see various arrests to
be called arrests of members of the network of nucleus of the Conspiracy
Cells of Fire. Simple cases like weapons possession, which would
otherwise only be cases mentioned in the police news among many others,
are being upgraded only because the cops think that the arrested have
something to do with us. This is done in order to slander our
organization and to boost the invincible media profile of oppression.
We have made clear with our stance that the guerrilla actions of the
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire make us proud and that we take the
responsibility for them without caring about the consequences. Whoever
is a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, is proud of it.

We wouldn't negotiate this neither for less years in jail, nor in order
to be more likable, nor for anything. But as I said various individuals,
who we would never accept as our comrades even if they wanted to,
because we are separated by an ocean of ideas and values, continue to be
prosecuted for participating in our organization.

We, in order to help them, make clear in every trial that such people
are involved, that members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are the
only ones who have taken responsibility of its actions, defending our
organization's dignity and history. One such person, accused for simple
possession of weapons in his own words, has found himself, about a month
after myself, in the same legal situation as me. This means that his
pre-trial detention was prolonged from 30 to 36 months. In order for him
to be released, he went on a hunger strike. So far, so good…
But the circus that followed was something that none of us expected. We
saw the largest part of the anarchist movement remain silent or even
assist back stage, the hyenas of solidarity that rushed on this case.
How can you accept as an anarchist to have a press conference along with
a motherfucker like Giannis Panousis? DHMAR's parliament member, who is
the man behind the writing of the correctional and legal code.

The same parliament member who has been a target of our organization and
who is to testify against us in the special court taking place in
Korydallos prison. How can you accept other parties' members saying that
they will also go on hunger strike in solidarity with you? Members of
parliament, SYRIZA or any other party, are targets for attack and
definitely not solidarians.
But also the way that was chosen to present the case, saying that K.S.
is "unlawfully detained" and that he is "innocent", prove the defeatism
as the dominant political choice of this movement.
Does this mean that there are individuals rightfully detained?
Does this mean that the "innocent" anarchists should be released and we
the "guilty" should stay here? In order not to spoil the lifestyle in
which some have turned anarchy into?
But obviously the biggest share of responsibility for this circus,
belongs to the accused himself. How dignified can you be and how can you
call yourself an anarchist when you remain silent to the fact that
PASOK, DHMAR and SYRIZA* make announcements favoring you?

How can you remain silent to the fact that parliament members of SYRIZA,
like Voutsis, makes questions in parliament about you? Unless someone
asked them to…How can you allow political parties to demonstrate outside
the hospital you are held in, like SYRIZA did? They just do their
business and sneak in wherever you leave them space. If you don't put an
end to it and you don't make your position clear, it is simple. You are
not an anarchist and you have nothing to do with the struggle. You are
just kissing ass in order to get out of jail.
But the hunger strike itself was also a circus. Which hunger striker
goes into hospital after 12 days and receives not one but two serums?
This is something that doctor Fani Kyriakou said on 19/6, when she was
called to testify in the trial against the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire,
in which K.S. is also being tried, which takes place in the women's
section of Korydallos prison.

She specifically mentioned that he is treated with dextrose serum and
with another one, which contains electrolytes, vitamins etc. You are not
on a hunger strike like that. The fact that his diabetes levels never
went public as they have in previous hunger strikes, was quite expected.
The results wouldn't have been comfortable. It's only natural that
people outside of prison, don't know the procedure of a hunger strike,
but we can judge based on our own experience.
When you humiliate a means of struggle, in this way, it is just wrong.
You either fight and remain true to your choices or you don't fight at
You are not an anarchist when you suck on political parties. If you are
an anarchist you don't talk about national sovereignty or the Greek
people, neither do you seek the need of a new pole of authority
(excerpts from K.S's former texts).
You are an anarchist when you proudly fight against any form of
authority, even against those alienating forms of authority, that we all
have inside us.
Political parties are clearly our enemies, whether they are left or far
left. End of story. SYRIZA can go fuck itself. They are never going to
see a vote from us, as they did from some other "anarchists" last year
in the electoral process carried out in prison. We don't cut deals with
the opposition and likely tomorrow's government. Not even we are that
"corrupted" ...
Everyone makes their choices and history will judge.

Gerasimos Tsakalos
Member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI-IRF

PS. The above text, expresses the opinion of all the comrades of the
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and a collective statement will follow.

* DHMAR is a social-democrat party consisted mainly by progressive
"intellectuals". Until recently, it was part of Greece's government.
PASOK is the oldest social-democrat party in Greece and it was in
government multiple times. It also participates in the current
government of Greece. SYRIZA is a leftist party widely considered the
hope of change. It is the current opposition.

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