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This statement was read in the 4th trial of CCF (250 attacks)

Before I speak my mind about the legal objections raised from the side
of the lawyers, I want to make something clear. In this trial, there are
four different sides. The side of the judges, the lawyers' side, the
side of the accused,who are innocent and our own side, the side of those
who took responsibility for our action in the network of the Conspiracy
of Cells of Fire.

From the part of lawyers there was a refined positioning in relation to
the submission of objections to the court,in previous sessions. The
lawyers, among whom is also our personal friend FranciscosRagkousis,
speaking in the language of the law, not only highlighted the
contradictions of the trial but they also showed its hypocrisy

We're talking about a show that does not even keep up the pretenses of
its own democratic scenario. But this farce called trial, leaves us
completely indifferent. Often our attorneys appointed by the court,
reach a dead end. As they say themselves, the hostile and absolute wayin
which we face this trial, blocks them and cancels pieces of legal
defense. It cancels the possible presumption of innocence, the pleas and
defense lines as well as the legal benefit of any extenuations.

To be accurate, your laws are trash for us. Our view on justice is
written on the demolishof the courts of Thessaloniki, on the blasting of
the façade of Athens' Court,on the homes of judges, that we burned ...
Nothing has changed just because some of us were captured. The captivity
in prison did not reduce, our decision to fight against laws and
institutions, evenone inch.
Then one could reasonably wonder why we appear at trial. The answer is
simple. When we were free/wantedour attacks were the way we expressed
ourselves and now as we remain captured, our word, even in the court of
the enemy, breaks the silence. Silence is not acceptable for an
anarchist urban guerrilla.

This does not mean that we will resort to the legal corpses of words in
order to talk about ourselves. Reference was made to the jurisdiction of
the Court. For us, the court lacks jurisdiction. We do not recognize any
white-collar as our natural judge. Only we and our conscience can judge
our actions. Nobody else.There was also a plea for the poor composition
of judges. But for us, there are not good and bad judges, nor righteous
and unrighteous. There are simply judges, officials of the enemy in
different shades whose names are targets ofthe anarchist network of CCF,
without exceptions.

The issue of the Joint Statutory and the presence of jurors, was also
mentioned. We make clear here that we are anarcho-individualists and
nihilists and that we have no appreciation nor respect for the "poor
people." Even more, for law-abiding citizens who sit on the benches of
jurors. This "poor" people, who is today humiliated and miserable,are
the same whoworships their bosses and have the same values with them​​,
money and power. They are the people who always whimper but never
revolt, questioning but always believe in young leaders/saviors, who
always yell but never act. It is high time we break away from dusty
revolutionary ideologies· no sheep was saved bleating. Against sheep and
shepherds, we are wolves.

As far as the definition of "political crime" is concerned, we don't
seek evaluation for our action within the laws and the articles of the
penal code. Our actions are defined by ourselves with the way we
intervene into the normal course of history in order to derail it. Only
through violent derailment of history, is a person able to come across
the peaks of his thoughts and actions. We place ourselves far away from
the so-called unselfish separation between political and criminal. These
terms belong to Power and we don't use them.

There is just the responsibility of saying "this is me and I will
continue to wage war by all means necessary". Theory and action are one.
This is the theory of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.The unity of
theory and action, for the destruction of the system.As for the
unselfishness of the motives of our actions, this just a romantic
abstraction, unable to measure up with real life.Anarchy is our egoistic
demand to ourselves, to take life in our own hands. To define our
existence. To hit what is ugly. More than anything it is an existential
bet and not a scheme for social salvation. So we are nor unselfish
neither do we act in the name of the pitiful people. We are egoist
anarchists and we don't accept extenuations. We have already chosen the
weight of our choices and we are not going to lighten our decisions.

As far as the potential risk of human life is concerned, we have said
these things before in other trials. The choices of each one of us,
define his life. There are options that are hostile and their exponents
are targets for us. The acts and thoughts of an anarchist urban
guerrilla aim to multiply the risk to the life of the enemies of anarchy
and of state officials. It is clear that the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
contributed to the proliferation of this risk and we will continue to do

For all these reasons and countless more, do not bother to answer the
objections because we are indifferent to them. We reject the hypocrisy
of a democratic dialogue and choose to keep our wordsarmed, as our
weapons. Always on the opposite side, always on the attack.

The imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/IRF

Δήλωση Σ.Π.Φ. στο 4ο δικαστήριο της οργάνωσης




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